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Ivy, Tera, and Serena....
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The Begining

It was the eve of the summer solstice. A piercing scream rang out through the night. A man paced in front of the door to his bedroom. Worry creased his brow, as he wondered why the old witch wouldn't let him in to watch. His wife was having a baby for god's sake. This was the worst labor she had ever been in. He could tell by the awful screaming emanating through the door. This child would pay for hurting his wife so. He prayed it was a girl, this way he could teach her a lesson by selling her as a pleasure slave. Oh yes, she would pay dearly.

This was their seventh child, and he supposed his wifeís pain was there lesson from god. They had sold every child; they brought into this world, to slavers. Well all except for little Alicia, she wasn't yet old enough to sell. But her time would come, the second she turned three she was out the door. Children were just a waste of money and time. So why not make money off of them?

He supposed he should just stop getting her pregnant. But that would mean not having sex with her. He pushed that thought out of his mind angrily. After all he was a man, and sex was practically all he thought about. It was his reward for working all day, and taking care of his wife. His reward for being a man, she owed it to him. Yes there were times she didn't want to give it to him, and he forced it upon her. But that's what being a man was about. Maybe he was sick minded, but he liked it. Loved hearing her scream for him to stop, it turned him on all the more. Her screams of protest just made him work harder at it. But no matter what, he loved her with all his heart. He hated to hear her in so much pain.

Another scream tore through the small house, and he slammed the bedroom door open just in time to watch the miraculous birth of his daughter. The Mid-Wife cleaned her mouth out, and slapped her bare bottom. But no sound came out of the childís parted lips. No he thought she couldnít be dead. I need the money I will get from selling her. It's just as well; she would only be another mouth to feed until he could sell her anyway. The little arms moved slightly, and the Mid-Wife wrapped her up in a towel. Handing her to the woman, she smiled softly and spoke. "This child is a special one. A special one in deed, being born on the eve of the summer solstice." With her peace said she grabbed the cloth from the water basin and wrung the warm water out. She then began to clean the woman, so she could stitch her up and be on her way.

She was a beautiful baby from the start, although smaller then normal. Her big blue eyes would look at you with a love incomprehensible to most people. But a drow had noticed it as he watched her grow up.

The baby lay in her crib, not making a sound. She didn't need to, she knew her 2 yr old sister would take care of her. Alicia was a small tow headed child, with big green eyes. She named the child Ivy. Ivy looked exactly like Alicia except, in place of the green eyes ivy had blue. Alicia was a good little mother; she took meticulous care of little ivy. Every morning at the crack of dawn 2 yr old Alicia would run out to the bar, and milk the cow for Ivy's breakfast. While it was heating on the old wood burner, she would change and clean her up.

It was tedious work taking care of an infant. But Alicia thought it was worth it, especially when Ivy started calling her "Mama." But Alicia knew the day would come when she wouldn't be around to take care of her. So she started teaching Ivy how to care for herself. Alicia taught her how to make the job of cleaning fun. And explained to her the rules of the house. A year passed and the day came for Alicia to leave. Ivy cried and locked herself up inside, built the walls up high. Ignoring all her sistersí warnings about the rules of the house, and to stay on her parentís good side, Ivy started to do as she pleased.

She started receiving more and more beatings, and defiance shown in her eyes. Life was hell for her until her third birthday. The old drow had heard talk of them wanting to sell her as a pleasure slave. He offered to buy her, her father laughed cruelly as he sold her. He told the drow to make her bleed, for she was a defiant one. That night the drow came to take her away from that evil place. He then began to teach her to speak drow, and how to stand up for herself.

Two years passed and the knowledge of common faded, only to be replaced by the drow. She was a healthy child, although small and pale from lack of sun. The drow knew that he couldn't take her out in the open, where people would notice he treated her like a daughter instead of a slave. He did sneak her out as much as possible, knowing she needed the sun to grow.

Whispered rumors about his relationship with Ivy reached the wrong ear. Soon a small group of angry drow's appeared at his door. They carried with them a death warrant for Ivy. He hid Ivy in the safest place he could, then sacrificed his life for her.

She had come to depend upon him, and so left alone she roamed the streets of Rhydin searching for a home. She made friends with a Malkavian vampire, and was taken in by a gorean slaver. He started to bring Ivy into his life and used her as a pleasure slave. She was special to him, so he did not make her bow before him, or serve him. This made his other slaves jealous, and they retaliated. One of the slaves jumped her and sank the blade of a dagger into her throat. The blade cut clean through, and Ivy's life spilled out around her. She called for her vampire friend, hoping he would be able to help her. He exchanged blood with her, thus saving her life.

She then followed him everywhere, learning all she could about the ways of the world. He taught her very little common, enough to get her by in life. For he like the gorean slaver, knew drow and understood her. She started showing traits of other personalities, but only to those who knew her well. But they didn't reveal themselves to Ivy until she fell into the hands of another slaver. This slaver was cruel, and evil. He/She/It raped ivy, and scarred her. Ivy was so frightened that she blocked her mind so the others couldn't come out to take her place.

It was then that they decided to tell her about them. They brought her back into her mind and introduced themselves to her. There was Leah, a child like Ivy only 10 yrs of age. Her blonde hair and green eyes looked like that of her sisters. She was the tom boy part of Ivy, who thought of herself as a great warrior. But underneath she was still just a frightened child. Then there was Serena with her dark brown hair and violet eyes. A seventeen year old, sweet, shy mother to ivy. Colette was the 20 yr old cold-hearted warrior. The one who hated the human race, and all others, for what they did to her. She has long blonde hair and cold Grey eyes. Then came Tera, the protector. Ivy's mother, friend, guardian, and teacher. Like the rest Tera had long blonde hair, Silver eyes completed the perfection that was her face. And lastly came the fairy Shyann. Some think she is part of Tera because she looks so much like her. The same silver eyes framed by a mass of golden curls. The 22yr old with a slight difference upon her back. A set of wings made of gossamer silk.

Now some say they came about because of the Malkavian blood in her. But they know the truth. They have been with her since birth, always waiting in the background to protect Ivy. No longer wanting to be bound by Ivyís small figure, they learned a simple shape-changing spell. One that will let them resume their true form when they come out to take her place.

With no place to go again, she resumed her search. Finding a friend she followed her home to her castle to live. Upon meeting Dynastus Silverthorne, ivy fell instantly in love. She allowed him to adopt her as a daughter. But strange feelings began to take form inside of her, for Tera had fallen in love with him also. Not father daughters kind of love either. In time Tera and dyn both fell in love with each other, and handed over their hearts to destiny. They planned to be married, and Dyn King of Abbyfaer made Tera his Queen.

But Times were rough because Tera had to share a body with Ivy. Then a miracle happened. Ivy being herself had dropped an ancient artifact. A loud explosion and bright flash of light, left Tera and Ivy sitting in separate corners of the room. Wanting to hold her daughter since birth, Tera crawled to her and scooped her into her arms. Holding tightly to Ivy she prayed she wasn't dreaming. Tears of joy flooded both their eyes; they could now hold each other. Leah, Serena, and Colette stayed with Ivy, but Shyann followed Tera. To this day they all live happily inside Ivy and Tera, waiting for a chance to come out.

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